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Human Rights

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A complete list of all the supporting documents for the time periods between 1215 and 1945.

1815 - 1848

Letter from "The Voice of the Multitude"

Date: 11 December 1816. Catalogue reference: HO 40/3/2, folio 27

Our Lliberties are appraised,- but shall we not resist attacks?

We are deprived of our Rights , - then shall we not sieze to regain them?

We are Oppressed People, - and shall we not complain? Ye Ye Ye

This being the case, we are desirous that our Wants and Conditions should be laid before Parliament, and at same time, that they should be informed that we (the inhabitants of Birmingham) do not carry our Zeal and Loyalty so far as to rest silently and submissively under the present Seat of Corruption.

We command attention! - Then through whom shall we make know such complaints? And upon whom should we call to assemble the inhabitants for such purpose? We conceive this is a duty which appertains to your Office, and therefore we entrust you will maturely consider the important subject, and use your utmost power and influence in forwarding our views. It is with eagerness and anxiety we await the result of a Third application.

The voice of the multitude

NB for your further information our last meeting was held on the 2nd December. Birmingham, 11th December 1816.

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