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Human Rights

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A complete list of all the supporting documents for the time periods between 1215 and 1945.

1815 - 1848

Letter threatening to burn the property of farmers who were believed to pay low wages or use labour saving machinery

Date: 1830. Catalogue reference: HO 52/8, folio 208

Words in bold are approximations. If any word is missing or smudged beyond recognition it is marked [XXXX].

Charity Street, Hotel de Franc,

Sir [xxx]

My spelling is bad but de French are not so English

I write you these few lines meerely to give you warning, I'm one of 3 thousand who mean to pull down to de ground, your house which is called [xxxxxxx] next week and dip your head in the horse fret. may you think that soldiers will find us, no no I kills you. Monsieur with his sussix friend will [s[h]out] [to] [xxxx] [and] red herrins. you may harke into your [heart] dastnie will come, Monsieur will not deceive de English be upon it, if we do not come, de moon does not shine nor de stars look bright tonight, my man will soon shoot 50 of your special constables _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The lane down to your farm is dark - we will light it up.

All your tenants farms are dark - ditto

Sulphuring w[ith] heat Now only one

[One line illegible]

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