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Human Rights

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A complete list of all the supporting documents for the time periods between 1215 and 1945.

1760 - 1815

Part of the King's Bench libel papers for the prosecution, trial and punishment of John Wilkes

Date: December 1768. Catalogue reference: KB 33/5/7

Words in bold are approximations. If any word is missing or smudged beyond recognition it is marked [XXXX].

Saturday next after fifteen Days from the Day of the Holy Trinity in the Eighth Year of King George the Third.

The King
John Wilkes Esq.a

The Defendant being brought here into court in the Custody of the Marshall of the Marshall sea of this Court by [XXXX] of a Rule of this Court and Being Convicted of certain [XXXX] [XXXX] and Grand Misdemeanours in Printing and Publishing a Seditious and Scandalous Libel intitled the North Brixton. No 45 whereof he is Impeached. It is Ordered that he the said Defendant for his Offences aforesaid do pay a fine to our Sovereign Lord the King of Fiver Hundred pounds of lawful Money of Great Britain and it is further Ordered that he the said Defendant be Imprisoned in the Custody of the said Marshall for the Space of Ten Calendar Months [XXXX] next ensuring Audit is lastly Ordered that he the said Defendant be now remanded to the Custody of the said Marshal to [XXXX][XXXX][XXXX] in safe Custody in Execution of the Judgment aforesaid and until he shall have paid the said fine.

On the Motion of Mr Attorney General

By the Court

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