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Human Rights

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A complete list of all the supporting documents for the time periods between 1215 and 1945.

1760 - 1815

Letter about the negative reaction of planters to the abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade

Date: 28 April 1807. Catalogue reference: CO 101/45/10 folio 111

Words in bold are approximations. If any word is missing or smudged beyond recognition it is marked [XXXX].


Grenada 28 April 1807


By the last Packet I was honoured with your Letter circular of the 9th March, by which I learn that little or no doubt existed that the Bill before Parliament for the Abolition of the Slave trade, would pass into a Law. I shall be mindful of the Instructions on this important subject, contained in your Letter; and you may rest assured that I shall faithfully, and to the best of my abilities, [XXXX] send the Effects of the Bill, in the light you point out __ In doing this I am really of the Opinion that I shall not encounter much Opposition, in the old settled colonies, it does not appear to me, that there is any great animosity against the measure __ I have lived about twenty years in the West Indies __ this Period made me (it would be extraordinary if it had not) familiar with the manners and dispositions of the Inhabitants __ with respect to the Abolition of the Slave trade, I do not entertain any apprehensions of ill consequences [XXXX] it separately __ But I am mistaking in my duty if I [XXXX] in mentioning another subject between which and the Abolition most people think there is something like a Connection __ [XXXX], the English Prints have reported expressions used, which printed to this measure __ the bare mentioning of it, is sufficient to electrify every Proprietor in these Colonies; and were it to be seriously debated,


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