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Details: Princess Mary Maternity Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Present name

Princess Mary Maternity Hospital 

Previous name(s)

Newcastle Lying-In Hospital (1760 - 1923)
Maternity Hospital and Outdoor Charity for Poor Women  


Great North Road Newcastle Upon Tyne NE2 3BD 

Previous location

Rosemary Lane (1760 - 1826)
New Bridge Street/Croft Street (1826 - 1923)
Jubilee Road (1923 - 1940s)
During World War Two the hospital moved to the Northern Counties Orphans Institution, Great North Road, where a new building was opened in 1950.

Foundation Year




Administrative authorities

Regional Hospital Board (1948-74)

Provinces (Teaching) 

Hospital Management Committee (1948-74)

United Newcastle 

Regional Health Authority (1974-82)


Regional Health Authority (1982- )


District Health Authority (1974-82)


District Health Authority (1982- )


County (before 1974)


County (1974-1996)

Tyne and Wear 

County (after 1996)

Not applicable 


Pre 1948


Post 1948



Pre 1948


Post 1948


Other information

The hospital was founded by Act of Parliament on the 1 October 1760 in Rosemary Lane, Newcastle as a Lying-in Hospital and it remained at these premises until 1826 when a new building was erected in New Bridge Street. The funds for this were raised by public subscription. In 1858 the charity for the relief of poor women lying-in at their own homes in Newcastle and Gateshead, which had begun in 1761, was amalgamated with the Lying-in Hospital. Eventually, the building in New Bridge Street too proved inadequate and a second public appeal raised sufficient funds to build a new hospital on a site in Jubilee Road, the lease of which was given to the Trustees by Newcastle City Council. The new hospital was opened on the 24th November 1923 by HRH Princess Mary after whom the hospital was named. During the Second World War, as a precautionary measure, it moved to the Northern Counties Orphans Institution on the Great North Road. This was subsequently rebuilt and reopened on the 14th February 1

Records can be found at:


  Tyne and Wear Archives Service

Record type

Date range


1760 - 1990


1760 - 1971


1760 - 1978


1848 - 1937

   Admission & Discharge

1760 - 1985


1774 - 1986


1923 - 1960


1774 - 1970

Clinical & Patients

1821 - 1993

Finding aids

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