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Details: Newcastle General Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Present name

Newcastle General Hospital 

Previous name(s)

Newcastle (Board of Guardians) Workhouse Hospital (1840 - 1921)
Wingrove Hospital (1921 - 1930); The General Hospital  


Westgate Road Newcastle Upon Tyne NE4 6BE 

Previous location

Foundation Year




Administrative authorities

Regional Hospital Board (1948-74)


Hospital Management Committee (1948-74)


Regional Health Authority (1974-82)


Regional Health Authority (1982- )


District Health Authority (1974-82)


District Health Authority (1982- )


Current Trust

Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust 

Trust From


County (before 1974)


County (1974-1996)

Tyne and Wear 

County (after 1996)

Tyne and Wear 


Pre 1948

Poor Law, Local Authority

Post 1948



Pre 1948

General, Isolation, Maternity

Post 1948


Other information

In 1839 the Newcastle Board of Guardians decided to build a Union Workhouse on Westgate Hill to centralise facilities for Newcastle's poor. The first buildings to be completed were the Administration Block, a school for children and the workhouse which was to give accommodation to the able-bodied poor and care for the sick poor, maternity cases and imbeciles. By 1859 it had become apparent that facilities for the sick were most undesirable and so the Board of Guardians gave the go-ahead for a separate hospital to be built. The hospital was designed by the Newcastle architect Septimus Oswald and was officially opened on 7 December 1870 by Thomas Ridley, Chairman of the Board of Guardians. By 1914, much development had taken place providing about 500 beds in 5 buildings. In 1921 a separate hospital administration was set up and it was renamed Wingrove Hospital. In 1930 under the new Local Government Act it was handed over to the City Council and the name changed to The General Hospital.

Records can be found at:


  Tyne and Wear Archives Service

Record type

Date range


1764 - 1990


1764 - 1940


1788 - 1795


1835 - 1930


1910 - 1966

   Admission & Discharge

1840 - 1982


1901 - 1966


1930 - 1990


1897 - 1967


1912 - 1972

Clinical & Patients

1889 - 1993

Finding aids

Finding aids


Location of finding aids

At Repository(AR), National Register of Archives (NRA)


AR: CAT: HO.NGH NRA: CAT: 38686.

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