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Tax details

This screen provides information on the selected tax. These details include the date on which the tax was granted or imposed (or an approximation where the precise date is unknown), the name given to this particular tax to identify it within the database, and the monarch in whose reign the tax was levied. This is followed by a notes field, containing a description of the administrative and fiscal history of the tax, and in some cases its historical background and/or consequences. Finally, the origin of the tax is specified (whether it was granted in Parliament or imposed by the government), and (where appropriate) the dates on which the various collections were due to be received by the central authorities.

These descriptions have been published, together with further information, in M. Jurkowski, C. L. Smith and D. Crook, Lay Taxes in England and Wales 1188-1688 (Kew, 1998), a copy of which can be found in the Map and Large Document Reading Room. However, these details have been updated and amended during the editorial work carried out since the publication of that volume, and readers are advised to consult the database details for the most up-to-date information.

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