We take your complaints, suggestions and concerns seriously. Here is some recent feedback you gave us, and how we responded. Contact us to make an enquiry or to give your comments and suggestions.

Comments and requests updated August 2015

  • What you said What we have done
  • Prior to my visit, I had tried to get a statement from my bank and was unsuccessful. Their standard policy is 10 working days to process the request and I was visiting before it would arrive, could you add this information to your site. We added 'If you bank online most banks will provide a printed statement on request for free or at a small charge, please be aware that they might take several days to dispatch a statement to you' to the proof of your address section for obtaining a reader's ticket on our website.
  • [From a User Advisory delegate] The additional text box (found under 'Special requirements') in Advanced orders doesn't allow you to add enough text We have increased the character limit making it easier to use this form
  • [From a User Advisory Group delegate] Could you improve the information on easily accessible document lockers in the document reading room?

    We have improved the information on our advanced orders web page about document lockers and access

  • You asked why it was so difficult to contact the Bookshop The Bookshop now has a direct line, which is 0208 392 5394
  • [From a User Advisory Group delegate] It is often difficult to find an available bag locker at comfortable height for users who cannot bend or stretch

    We displayed new signs in the locker room, encouraging those who are able to use the high and low lockers

  • A user arrived to find the Bookshop was closed and that the website did not show that the shop closed at 1700 on late night opening (1900)

    We had the shop opening hours added to the web site


We receive complaints in a number of ways, including emails, feedback forms and letters, as well as telephone calls and in person. You can also read previous months' complaints.
  • Summary of complaint and date received Background information Action taken
  • Arrived to find that we closed at 17:00 on the Thursday before Easter. Reader had checked website before visiting. 4 April - reference: 8369

    The National Archives was closed over the Bank Holiday weekend, and closed at 17:00 on Thursday We explained that there was a news article on the website from 1 April detailing the closure details. The complainant gave us details of what they were going to research and, as a gesture of good will, we checked a record to confirm the information was not present.
  • The complainant was disappointed with the format that a reply to an enquiry was received in. 22 April - reference: 8492

    Users can request that closed records are reviewed under FOI. A written response is supplied in all cases explaining a decision. We apologised for the inadvertent error. We immediately re-sent the file in our standard format that could be accessed.
  • The complainant was dissatisfied that the Red lists are being removed from the Reading Room. 24 April - reference: 8519

    The paper catalogues (Red lists) are no longer updated and up to date information can be located through Discovery We explained the reasons why some of the Red lists are being removed and how to access the information and download the results using Discovery, our online catalogue.
  • The complainant ordered two separate medal index cards from Downloads Direct and was unhappy with the format they arrived in, requesting a refund. 25 April - reference: 8520

    Users can search and download digitised records via Downloads Direct online We investigated the complaint and agreed that no refund was due in this case as the medal cards supplied were in the format as advertised. We provided an explanation of the format of the accessioned records.
  • The complainant was unhappy at the time it took to download four records. He was dissatisfied with the cost and technical performance of the service. 28 April - reference: 8538

    Users can search and download digitised records via Downloads Direct online All of the correct files were received. We apologised for the delays in receiving the downloads. The complainant was displeased with the slow speed of the download page at the time of his order, but subsequently fully satisfied with the order.