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The User Advisory Group provides an opportunity for users of The National Archives to get involved in the organisation's planning and decision-making processes at an earlier stage and a more strategic level than ever before. It offers enthusiastic and committed representatives, or delegates, a unique opportunity to represent the needs and views of users in discussions about The National Archives' current services and future plans.


Please see the Delegates page for further information on current delegates and how to contact them.

Delegates in the group represent different sections of our user community, not only their own interests. As well as attending meetings of the group itself, each delegate has a responsibility to cascade the details of the User Advisory Group meetings to members of their user community and gather feedback from them. You can find further details in the terms of reference below.

Dates of meetings

Meetings are held at The National Archives in Kew four times a year. Dates of forthcoming meetings are:

Tuesday 21 June 2016, 12:00-14:30

Tuesday 20 September 2016, 12:00-14:30

Tuesday 06 December 2016, 12:00-14:30

Tuesday 14 March 2017, 12:00-14:30

Terms of Reference (PDF, 0.15MB)

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