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Furness Abbey, copies of deeds of title and papal bulls, 1412 (catalogue reference DL 42/3 f7)

Supporting The National Archives

The Friends of The National Archives perform a valuable role by helping to raise funds to support The National Archives. In joining the Friends, you will play a part in protecting the nation's records.

Donations from Friends help The National Archives carry out its vital work. Read how your donations have helped fund our projects.

You can also volunteer for hands-on work with our historical records, helping to make them more accessible to researchers, as well as the general public.

Benefits to you

Become a Friend from just £15 a year.

As a member you will receive:

  • 20% discount on purchases at The National Archives' shop in Kew and the online bookshop
  • 20% discount on charges for events run by The National Archives, including conferences
  • special Friends-only events, including behind the scenes tours and visits to historic buildings and collections
  • a free subscription to the magazine of the Friends of The National Archives - three issues a year packed with fascinating articles and news
  • exclusive use of the Friends' lounge
  • an invitation to a behind the scenes tour of The National Archives
  • opportunities to volunteer on vital projects to make the records more accessible

How to join

You can sign up online on the membership site for the Friends of the National Archives.