Response sent: November 2011


Please clarify how you receive a request for payment either from a supplier for goods and services or an individual employee for expenses as you state invoices are not raised or received for payment. In normal business any invoices or receipts have to be raised and kept for 7 years, is your establishment exempt from these statuary requirements, if so why.




A consolidated statement is received by the bank who provide our GPC's (Government Procurement Cards). This is provided on a monthly basis and covers purchases made by all cardholders across the organisation for the relevant period. This statement doubles as a request for payment and is processed for payment on our next available payment run. A separate verification and authorisation of the individual transactions is undertaken internally within the organisation.

For standard purchases of goods and services, upon provision of a purchase order to the relevant suppliers, the supplier issues The National Archives with an invoice that quotes the purchase order number. Once confirmation of the goods/service is received, the invoice is then processed for authorisation and payment. We use an electronic purchasing ordering system which facilitates the entire purchase to pay process.

For employee expenses, an internal travel and subsistence claim form is completed and authorised. These costs are reimbursed through the employee's payroll. If it is for an amount below £10, it can be reimbursed via our petty cash facility.

In line with requirements, GPC statements, supplier invoices and employee expense forms are retained for a period of at least 7 years.