Response sent: February 2011


In relation to Property and Facilities Management of the National Archives -

1. Does The National Archives outsource any property services and Facilities Management to a third party?

2. For Facilities Management contracts, could you state whether those are soft FM, hard FM or Total FM contracts?

3. Could you provide the year of the contract's expiry?

4. If done in-house, are there existing plans to outsource FM and property services in the future? If so would this be for a Total Facilities Management process?

5. Is this contract joined up with any other services (i.e. ICT/ Back Office etc)?




1. Yes, The National Archives does outsource to third parties.

2. The National Archives has two soft FM contracts (catering and cleaning) and one FM services contract delivering both hard and soft FM services.

3. The cleaning contract and the catering contract both expire in 2012. The FM services contract is due to end in 2013.

4. Not applicable to The National Archives.

5. No.