May 2012


This request is in relation to your role in the publication of Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments. I understand that there is a Promulgation List of persons and institutions to whom a copy of every new Act of Parliament and Commencement Order is sent. For example, this Promulgation List includes all current Circuit Judges, although they may opt out of this arrangement.
Are you responsible for the sending of such copies to the persons and institutions mentioned on the Promulgation List?
If yes, I would be grateful for an electronic copy of the list under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If you do not hold the list as a single document, please provide information on who is entitled to receive such copies as described above, either as a list or a spreadsheet.
If no, I would be grateful for any advice on who is responsible for this form of promulgation and who holds the Promulgation List.


No information held - advice given


To the best of our knowledge the Promulgation List that you refer to was produced by the Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA), now the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), and ceased to be produced over five years ago. It was not replaced with any other form of supply to the Law Courts and Judges - each unit had to fund their own requirements for copies of new legislation. The service was funded by the DCA and provided a set of Statutory Instruments and Acts free of charge to those on the list. Commencement order SI 2006/2541 C.86 (9780110751320) in September 2006 appears to be the last Statutory Instrument sent to all the Clerks to the Justices under this arrangement.

The National Archives does not hold a copy of this list as it was, nor do we have any further information on any replacement.  I would advise you direct your request for information to the Ministry of Justice who may have further information.