Response sent: November 2010


1) Who is responsible for the acquisition of your print management strategy to include photocopiers printer and multi functional devices?

2) When does your current contract finish (Month Year)?

3) How many devices photocopiers and multi functional devices are installed?

4) Who is your current supplier(s)?

5) When will you next be reviewing this contract?




1) The National Archives uses Buying Solutions for the acquisition of multi functional devices and printers. Details can be found at:

2) The National Archives' current contract expires in March 2013, with two optional extensions of one year each. Contract term details are available on our website on our transparency pages at

3) The National Archives has 24 multi functional devices installed at Kew with two further devices in our satellite offices in Petty France and Norwich. The National Archives has 199 printers.

4) Canon is The National Archives' supplier for multi functional devices. Twenty of The National Archives' printers are Zebra printers supplied and supported by Bar Code Data. The remainder are not supplied under contract.

5) This contract will be reviewed in line with the dates given above, with the contract's initial expiry date of 31 March 2013 in mind.