April 2012


All ICT Contracts relating to mobiles phones and VOIP/PBX maintenance.




ICT contracts for mobile phones - this information applies to all mobile phone handsets, voice enabled or not:

Supplier(s) name(s) - Vodafone UK
Total contract value - £2,679 per month. This contains the cost for maintenance of the Blackberry Enterprise Server (in terms of handsets this is £14 per month per handset)
Number of users/handsets - 158 comprising 155 blackberry and three emergency mobile phones (the Blackberry Enterprise Server is also covered by this contract)
Duration - Ongoing
Expiry date - Ongoing (to be reviewed during the next financial year 2012/13)
Contract review date ongoing (to be reviewed during the next financial year 2012/13)
Contact/job title responsible for this contract - Amanda Spencer, Head of the ICT department at The National Archives

ICT contracts relating to PBX Maintenance:

This information has not changed since we last responded to this Freedom of Information request in August 2011. We are not obliged to provide this information again under section 21 of the FOI Act 2000 - information accessible via other means.

The contact for this contract is the same as above.