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An explanation of entries found on the Government Procurement Cards (GPC) during the financial years 2009/10 and 2010/11 spreadsheet on July's Information Request F0028428.  What were the following sanctioned for, the nature and description of the goods or services and the reason for the expenditure. I also request an explanation how some entries on the expenditure sheets are for more than the maximum amount allowed on an individual's GPC and also for the many trivial amounts spent on a credit card. The following is a cross section of expenditure:

7-12-2010 Starbucks     £3-15
17-12-2010 Marks & Spencers    £3-18
21-12-2010 The Book Service    £1,870-97
14-1-2011 Virgin Travelstore    £12,768-71
18-1-2011 Virgin Atlantic    £670-41
26-1-2011 Sainsbury     £1-65
4-2-2011 Hotel Victoria     £60-00
4-2-2011 Grove Park Deli Ltd    £57-30
5-2-2011 Sainsbury     £7-99
7-12-2011 Prezzo Restaurant    £18-75
7-2-2011 Seton-Dom Building Materials  £140-34
16-2-2011 Jamies Italian Restaurant   £29-20
16-2-2011 Scotch Corner Hotel   £108-00
16-2-2011 Scotch Corner Hotel   £38-85
17-2-2011 Marks & Spencer    £8.65
18-2-2011 Cafe Rouge Restaurant   £25-20
18-2-2011 Just Grillin     £14-28
21-2-2011 Brown Sugar Restaurant   £149-37
22-2-2011 The Tides Restaurant   £1,015-65




Please find the description for each of the transactions you have selected within the excel document attached.

In the case of the Transatlantic Teachers Programme, the cardholder's transaction limit was raised to manage expenditure for the number of individuals participating in the programme and it reverted to the default transaction limit at the end of the programme. Approval for this temporary increase in transaction limit was approved by the relevant director.

More information relating to the temporary amendment to transaction limits can be found at section 6.5 of The National Archives' GPC (Government Procurement Card) Policy at the following link:

With reference to your query pertaining to the small amounts spent on GPC. The GPC is NOT a credit card, it is a payment charge card that, when used in a well managed way allows public sector workers to pay for items in a controlled, secure and efficient way typically removing 95% of administrative effort. GPC is a convenient, cost-effective and valuable contributor to efficiency targets.

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