Response sent: October 2011


The amount claimed by each of the chairman, chief executive, the chief financial officer (or equivalent), the chief marketing manager, and PR director (or equivalent) for entertainment spending. This refers to any amounts spent on meals, drinks or forms of entertainment such as trips, excursions or vehicles to assist trips. Please provide me with a full break down of each spend, including the date, people involved, where the money was spent and the intended purpose of the meeting. Please provide me with original receipts submitted if possible.

Please specify if there is a limit to the amount of such claims the above staff are allowed to make.

Please provide me with any amounts your department specifically allocates for spending on the above within annual budgets.

Please provide me with this information for the past two years.

Thank you very much for your time; I look forward to hearing from you within 20 days. I would appreciate a return message acknowledging that you have received this request.




For the purpose of this response we have used the following posts which are similar to those you have specified in your request: CEO and Keeper, Director of Finance & Performance and Director of Customer & Business Development.

At The National Archives we proactively publish information relating to your request in the following documents which are available on our website:

  • Directors' expenses

  • Spend breakdown by department

  • Breakdown of funding, spending and income

We do not have areas of the annual budget that are allocated specifically for entertainment expenses; however we do have details of our hospitality and travel & subsistence expenditure. This can be found in our annual report below:

Annual report 2010-11 (PDF, 1.61Mb)

In addition to the information we have provided above we provide you with access to our Government Procurement Card (GPC) transaction listings for the past two years.

We are not able to provide you with the names of the members of staff to whom these GPC transactions relate to, this is because the information is covered by an exemption at Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The section 40 exemption protects personal data of any living and identifiable individuals.  If the personal data is about someone other than the applicant, and if disclosure would breach any of the Data Protection Principles, Section 40(2) & (3)(a)(i) would apply. 

Access The National Archives' GPC policy.

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