December 2012


(1) Please could you let me know the number of occasions, over the period from January 1st 2008 to the date of this letter, that TNA has been notified of, or otherwise made aware of, the destruction of historical archives owing to Data Protection considerations. This request relates both to records listed on the National Register of Archives and other records regarded by TNA as being of potential historical significance.
(2) Please could you provide me with the names of organisations which have destroyed the records in each instance and the nature of records that have been destroyed.
(3) Please could you provide me with information regarding any action, if any, was taken by TNA in each instance, in response to the destruction of these archives.




(1) The National Archives only holds information on one occurrence where The National Archives had been made aware of the actual destruction of historical archives during the period January 1 2008 until 5 November 2012 due to any Data Protection consideration.

(2) This occurrence was the destruction of some student admission records held at Ruskin College. 

(3) The National Archives has been in correspondence with the Principal of Ruskin College over the actions taken.