Response sent: June 2011


Please provide me with a copy of: The Charities (Excepting certain charities for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides from Registration) Regulations 1961 (SI1961/1044).

If a copy is not held in The National Archives, please advise which department/agency is responsible for holding copies of Statutory Instruments.   




This legislation is not available from The National Archives in an electronic, web-publishable format. However, printed copies of legislation and other publications can be purchased from The Stationery Office Limited (TSO), whose contact details are below:

The Stationery Office Limited
PO Box 29

Phone: 0870 600 5522
Fax 0870 600 5533

Alternatively, you might be able to view or obtain a photocopy of this legislation from the British Library ( - email: - phone 020 7412 7676). You might also try the House of Commons Records Office. Their email is, phone 020 7219 5315. Also most law, university and major public libraries will hold annual bound volumes of published legislation.

As the information you have requested is reasonably accessible to you via the sources mentioned above, it constitutes exempt information under section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act (information accessible to applicant by other means) and we will not be sending you a copy of the legislation in question.