Response sent: September 2010


In [TNA's response to request F0025642] you state that the figures that I requested are published in the Annual Report, but I was unable to find them there.

1. Could you please tell me the number of the page on which the information is given in the 2009/10 report?

2. May I also ask for clarification of a statistic that is quoted in the report, and also appears in a different form in your response to F0025350 (published on your website)? On page 5 of the Report it states in relation to the 1911 Census that "there were over 4.9 million downloads from our Census partner's website this year". This figure is repeated on page 17. The response to F0025350 states that there were 3,422,590 downloads in 2009 and 3,105,267 between January and May 2010.

3. Can you confirm that all of these figures include downloads from the website as well as from the website? I ask for this clarification because F0025350 asks "Please supply details for the number of searches on the online 1911 census site" which implies that the findmypast site is not included.

4. Similarly, can you confirm that the figures for the 1901 Census in the response to F0025350 include all of the websites which are licensed by TNA, such as findmypast, Ancestry etc?




Please find our responses to your queries below:

1. Page 52.

2. The figure reported in response to your previous FOI Request was for the calendar year January to December 2009, for which there were 3,422,590 downloads. The annual report for 2009-10 refers to the financial year April 2009-March 2010, during which there were a total of 4.9m downloads. The 1911 census was only available on until October 2009, and thereafter saw a big upsurge in usage once it was available on a subscription basis on 

3. Yes, these figures are totals for image downloads across both and

4. Yes. The 1901 census official site is but the census is also available from the, findmypast and Ancestry.