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Teenagers Learn to Swim


TEENAGE GIRL:  This is me, thinking as usual about Dave. Dave is super, Dave can do anything, ohh, he’s great, he really is. When - POW - up pops my fairy godmother with her ’I’ll give you three wishes’ routine. Wish number one is easy.

Next I wish we were both at the seaside. Come on Dave, let’s swim, I say. ’It’s just not my scene, man,’ says Dave. What he really meant was he couldn’t swim. I’ve still got one wish left, remember.

Meet Mike.

MIKE:  Hello.

TEENAGE GIRL:  He swims like a fish.

DAVE:  “I wish... I wish I didn’t keep losing me birds.”

FAIRY GODMOTHER:  “Well, learn to swim young man, learn to swim.”

NARRATOR:  “If you can’t swim, ask about lessons at your local swimming baths. Do learn to swim - it could save your life.”


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