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Lonely Water


VOICE: I am the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water, ready to trap the unwary, the show-off, the fool, and this is the kind of place you’d expect to find me.

VOICE: But no-one expects to find me here... it seems too ordinary. But that pool is deep. The boy is showing off. The bank is slippery.

VOICE:  The show-offs are easy. But the unwary ones are easier still. This branch is weak, rotten, it’ll never take his weight.

VOICE:  Only a fool would ignore this. But there's one born every minute. Under the water there are traps. Old cars, bedsteads, weeds, hidden depths. It's the perfect place for an accident.

BOY:  Oi look there’s someone in the water. Get us that big stick to get him out.

VOICE: Sensible children! I have no power over them!

BOY:  Oi mate that's a stupid place to swim. Hey go over there and get that thing to wrap him in.

BOY:  You don’t half feel cold mate. How long was you in there?

VOICE:  I’ll be back (heavy echo repeats)


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