Chemical laboratory, 1950-1959 (catalogue reference: CO 1069/705)

20 March 2014


Andrea Hohmeyer will illustrate how German companies managed to unravel their past during the National Socialist era. Andrea will also show the significance of corporate archives on this sensitive issue. The talk is based on the example of Degussa AG. This German-based chemical company was less prominent than IG Farben, but its wide-ranging and technological activities brought it into frequent and often intimate contact with the Nazi regime and its policies. Since 1997 Degussa went the extra mile to learn about the group's long time untold history between 1933 and 1945 - and accepted responsibility. 

Dr Andrea Hohmeyer studied German Literature, History and Politics at the University of Frankfurt/Main. In 1994 she joined the Company Archive of Degussa AG, Frankfurt, and in 2001 became head of corporate archives of Degussa AG (merged into Evonik Industries AG in 2007).

Sponsored by the Friends of The National Archives.

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