24 October 2013

Venue: Central Gallery, New Art Exchange, 39-41 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham NG7 6BE

Over the last year, The National Archives has been working with community groups nationally to showcase via flickr thousands of historic photographs of the Caribbean. These images, with their colonial perspective, tell only one part of the story.

We have been working with partners such as New Arts Exchange and Chase Neighbourhood Centre in Nottingham to use and re-interpret these photographs so that we have a fuller understanding of the stories and voices that make up this very diverse and rich heritage. This is one result; a community-led exhibition of some of these images, chosen by members of local Community Groups, Luncheon Clubs and Youth clubs of St Ann's in Nottingham. Individuals have selected a photograph and produced their own interpretation and shared private and personal insights of memories back home in the Caribbean.

The exhibition runs from until 4 January 2014. For more information, email: info@nae.org.uk