30 September 2013

Venue: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, Chippenham, Wiltshire

Arrival from 10:00, with introductory speeches at 10:30 

This event is one of a network of regional workshops which will be held throughout the country. If you would like to find out about plans for your area, please email us at asd@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk
This conference will present a picture of the most exciting and innovative arts projects currently taking place in archives across the south west and provide archivists and artists with a chance to meet and discuss opportunities for working together in the future. Creative practice is a great way to unlock community interest in archive collections and archives contain a vast storehouse of inspiration for artists. The conference will:

  • include keynote speakers from archives, funding bodies and creative practitioners
  • focus upon the benefits that archivists have found from working with artists to engage communities and develop more diverse research projects
  • launch the first 'Art in the Archives Handbook', which will contain information on how to develop arts projects that respond to archives, how to use the arts to engage communities and create new deposits. The handbook will also contain case studies and practical information on how to fund projects

Find out about Archiving the Arts, a strategy which is focused on making sure artistic records and arts archives are recognised as an important and valuable part of our cultural heritage. 

The Artist in the Archive conference will showcase exemplar projects, with examples of innovation and creative practice. To support us to present an accurate picture of the south west and to highlight as many opportunities as possible, we would like to ask you to provide some simple information where it is appropriate to yourself or your organisation.

What we need from you

There is no charge to attend this conference, but you will need to book a place in advance as spaces are limited.

To reserve a place, at this conference please email us. At the sign-up stage, we would ask if you could to provide short answers to these questions  (with bullet point answers if possible) in your registration email. 

Archive representatives

We would like representative from archives to put together a few bullet points that highlight areas of their collections that they would welcome artists to respond to, as well as any examples of work that they have already done.

1.      Archives collections in the south west are diverse and fascinating; please describe a few example of collections that you hold which you would like to promote to artists

Example: Earl of Cardigan Collection at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre which contains original watercolours, sketches and correspondence describing the Boer War.
2.      Many archives have already undertaken projects with artists; please describe what projects you have undertaken.

Example: Verbatim Theatre project at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre working with staff, volunteers and customers - an examination of motivations and passion of people who work in the archive interlaced with the subject of their research.

Artists or individuals interested in developing a creative project

Please answer the questions below.
1.      What experience do you have of working within archives? If you have delivered a project please describe it below:

Example: One year residency in Bristol City Archive with workshops and community engagement resulting in the creation of textiles for permanent display in the archive.
2.      What support do you need to develop?

Example: Help to understand the cataloguing system and help to understand the extent / content of the collections.
3.      Do you have a project idea that you would like to share or that you would like help to develop on the day of the conference?

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