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Western Europe 1939-1945: Battle of Britain

Why did Britain win the Battle of Britain in 1940?

The popular interpretation of this question is that Britain won the Battle of Britain because of the courage of ‘The Few’. These were the brave pilots of the RAF who defeated the Luftwaffe over the skies of Britain in 1940. Modern historians think that other factors also contributed to Britain’s victory.

Sculptor Paul Day created the Battle of Britain monument. It was unveiled in September 2005. According to Day, "the few thousand pilots, gunners, ground crews and WAAF's are undoubtedly the heroes of the hour, but I felt it important for future generations to remember the other countless acts of self sacrifice and heroism among the British people without which the RAF could not have so well defended the Nation."

Battle of Britain Monument on Victoria Embankment in London. © Andrew Payne, 2007

Battle of Britain monument

Your task

In this investigation your task is to study the sources and prepare an outline for a TV documentary on the Battle of Britain. The programme will be half an hour long. Your task is to decide how much time should be given to different factors that emerge in the sources.

Use this storyboard framework to plan your documentary.

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