The interactive parts of this resource no longer work, but it has been archived so you can continue using the rest of it.

MED & N.Africa 1940-1945: Where will the Allies Invade?

Alternative Accessible Version



Find out the full story by answering the following questions. The answers can be found by carefully studying the other documents and photographs in the source box. Your answers will provide the code to crack the safe!

As you type in each name you will be asked for a letter code. This can be worked out by taking the letter asked for from your answer and turning it into a number.

  • a=1
  • b=2
  • c=3
  • d=4
  • e=5
  • f=6
  • g=7
  • h=8
  • i=9
  • j=10
  • k=11
  • l=12
  • m=13
  • n=14
  • o=15
  • p=16
  • q=17
  • r=18
  • s=19
  • t=20
  • u=21
  • v=22
  • w=23
  • x=24
  • y=25
  • z=26
1. Sir Henry Wilson's nickname was: Safe
Code for letter 4:
2. Major Martin's first name was:
Code for letter 4:
3. Pam's aunt was called:
Code for letter 6: