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MED & N.Africa 1940-1945: Where will the Allies Invade?

Where will the Allies Invade?

Identity papers of Major Martin.

Catalogue ref: WO106/5921

Identity papers of Major Martin; WO 106/5921
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What would German intelligence have known at the time?

  1. They would have known what British identity papers looked like.
  2. They would have known it was common to lose a pass and get it replaced.
  3. They would have known that the Combined Operations department was where important politicians, officials and military commanders planned the war effort.
  4. They would have seen the dead body of Major Martin (you can see a picture of the dead man at the opening this task).
  5. They would have seen the post mortem report that said that he drowned.

What would they have learnt from this document?

  1. Does this seem to be a genuine document?
  2. Does the photograph on this I.D. card match the picture of the dead man (you can see this at the opening this task)?
  3. What conclusions do you think the Germans reached after studying this document?

Use this table to record your conclusions.