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MED & N.Africa 1940-1945: Where will the Allies Invade?

Where will the Allies Invade?

Letter from Lord Louis Mountbatten to Admiral Cunningham April 1943.

Catalogue ref: WO106/5921

Letter from Lord Louis Mountbatten; WO 106/5921
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What would German intelligence have known at the time?

  1. They would have known who Lord Louis Mountbatten was a senior British naval commander and a relative of the royal family.
  2. They would have known that Admiral Cunningham was commander of British naval forces in the Mediterranean.
  3. They would have known about Dieppe. This was a raid on the French port of Dieppe in August 1942 involving 6000 troops and tanks landing on the French coast from specially built invasion barges.
  4. They would have known that ‘on points’ means that an item is rationed.

What would they have learnt from this document?

  1. Why was Major Martin flying over the Mediterranean?
  2. Does this letter explain why the letter written by General Sir Archibald Nye to General Alexander (in the box of sources) was carried by hand and not sent by signal?
  3. Does the last paragraph provide any clues about the Allied plans?

Use this table to record your conclusions.