Should we give Stalingrad the George Cross?

A letter written to the Prime Minister, December 1942

Catalogue ref: FO 371/33035

30th December 1942

Dear Sir,

Although I realise your time must be very fully occupied may I, with diffidence, respectfully ask that the attention of our great Prime Minister be drawn to the suggestion that the signal honour to a great city of the George Cross be recommended for bestowal by His Majesty.

The Prime Minister probably knows more than anyone in Great Britain of what the defence of heroic Stalingrad meant in 'sweat, blood, tears' against almost overwhelming odds in 'planes, weapons, equipment during months of truly spartan resistance by its unbeatable garrison and civilian population. Such an epic defence is an inspiration and example to all haters of brutal and callous aggression and the suggested honour would, I respectfully suggest, carry the whole hearted support of all British and Empire peoples besides being a unique gesture of good will and friendship.