British Troops on the streets of Londonderry (HO 219/23a)
British Troops on the streets of Londonderry (HO 219/23a)

This workshop aims to help students investigate and understand the events of Bloody Sunday, and the different interpretations regarding what happened and who was responsible.

Preparation materials for this workshop are available on our website. If you have problems downloading the preparation materials, contact us and we will post them to you. The workshop will begin with a discussion based on the preparation materials to see what conclusions the students have already drawn from the script of the TV programme and their prior knowledge of the topic.

We then go on to develop students' research skills and knowledge of the subject through the following activities: 'Dear Mr Maudling, TWELVE DEAD!...': a study of letters, reflecting varied responses and reactions to the events of Bloody Sunday, sent by members of the public, official bodies and organisations to the Home Secretary, Reginald Maudling; 'What Happened in Derry...': students work on a selection of published documents, including press photographs, republican newspapers and official government reports to examine in more detail the two sides' own interpretations of the events.

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Duration: 2 hours

Age: Years 10-11

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