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This is a request for information to help solve crimes. It is from the Police Gazette dated February 1845. The Police Gazette is a weekly newspaper that the government produced giving details of crimes committed and information needed.
(Catalogue ref: HO 75/18)


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The substance of all Information received in Cases of Felony and of Misdemeanors of an aggravated nature, and against Receiver of stolen Goods, reputed Thieves, and Offenders escaped from Custody, with the time, the place, and the Circumstances of the Offence. The Names of Persons charged with offences who are known but not in custody, and a Description of those who are not known, their Appearance, Dress, and other marks of identify. The Names of Accomplices and Accessories, with every particular which may lead for their Apprehension. A Description, as accurate as possible, of Property that has been Stolen and a minute description of Stolen Horses for the purpose of tracing and recovering them.


The Body of a New Born Female Child was discovered in a Privy, in Carey-street, Great Bolton, on the 24th ultimo, and at the Coroner's Inquisition held on the body on the following day, a verdict of Wilful Murder was returned against some person or persons unknown—Information to be given to James
Harris, superintendent of the Bolton Borough Police Force — Bow-street, February 1,

About 7 o'clock P.M. on the 24th ultimo, a Forged Cheque for £7 10s., was uttered to Mr. Dickenson, the landlord of the ’Worcester Arms ' public house, George-street. By a Man 24 years of age, 5 feet 4 inches high, and dark complexion; dressed in black, and has two thumbs on the right hand. Metropolitan Police, D Division January 27.


Further information respecting the Highway Robbery at Burghclere Bottom, between Whitchurch and Witway, Hants, as advertised in the ‘Police Gazette’ of the 6th ultimo. WILLIAM MARTIN alias WINCHESTER WILL, and JOHN HOUSE alias NEWBURY JACK, alias BUTCHER JACK, are strongly suspected as being the persons who committed the same offence, MARTIN is about 48 or 50 years of age, 6 feet high, rather round shoulders, and downcast look, long features, and is a cripple, one of his ankles is three or four inches larger than the other, which prevents his shoe from being laced close; he is a native of Winchester, and supposed to be dressed in a brown
smockfrock, black hat, and fustian trousers. HOUSE is about 26 years of age, about 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, thin stature, brown hair, looks poorly, and has disease on the back of his hands; dressed in a light blue butcher's twill coat, with pockets in front, black hat, and plaid neckerchief; his father sometime since kept an inn, at Wolverhampton, but is now living at Slanford Dingley. They are in the habit of attending fairs and markets, &c,
principally in the counties of Hants, Berks, and Oxford. Information to be given to David Harvey, superintendent of police, Kingsclere, Hants, who holds a warrant for their apprehension.— Bow-street February 3.