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6a. How many miners were killed from July 1898 to June 1899?

6b. Was this an increase or a decrease on the previous twelve months?

Look back at sources 1 and 2
6c. Why do you think so many miners are still being killed at the end of the century?

6d. Do you think that mining had become a safer occupation since 1851?

Extract from a newspaper report from 3rd August 1899. It is commenting on the Compensation Act. It also includes details of the number of miners killed and injured in accidents from July 1898 to June 1899 and in the previous twelve months. The newspaper also gives the same information for men working in quarries, factories, and the railway service. Additional (miscellaneous) workers in industries including workshops are also listed.

Catalogue ref: HO 87/53; Newspaper report showing mining accidents
(Catalogue ref: H) 87/53)