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This poster appeared in the town of Ormskirk in Lancashire in October 1848. It was signed by the inspector appointed for Ormskirk.
(Catalogue ref: MH 13/138)

Public Health
Act, 1848.
(11 & 12 Vict. c. 63.)


WHEREAS, in pursuance of the Public Health Act, 1848, the General Board of Heath have directed Robert Rawlinson Esquire, one of the Superintending Inspectors appointed for the purpose of the said Act to visit The Town and Township of Ormsklirk in the County of Lancaster

And there to make public enquiry and examine witnesses with respect to matters following; that is to say,

The Sewerage, Drainage, and Supply of water.
The State of the Burial Grounds.
The Number and Sanitary Condition of the Inhabitants.
The Local Acts of Parliament (if any) for Paving, Cleansing, Watching Regulating, Supplying with Water, or improving, or having relation to the purposes of the said act.
The natural Drainage Areas.
The existing Parochial or other Local boundaries.
The Boundaries which may be most advantageously adopted for the And other matters in respect whereof the General Board of Health is desirous of being informed for the purpose of enabling them to judge of the propriety of reporting to Her Majesty or making a provisional order with a view to the application of the said Act or any part thereof to the said Town and Township.
Now therefore, I the said Robert Rawlinson do hereby give notice, that on The twentyfirst day of November now next, at Eleven o'clock in the fore noon , at the Town Hall I will proceed upon the said enquiry,
and that I shall then and there be prepared to hear all persons desirous of being heard before me upon the subject of the said enquiry.
Dated this Twenty ninth day of October 1849.

Robert Rawlinson