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(Catalogue ref: MH 13/138)


I appreciate you taking the time to read my letter, and now send you a petition from the people of Ormskirk that has been signed by 164 ratepayers requesting the adoption of the terms of the Heath of Towns act. According to the last rate book the number of ratepayers was over 1100, so it is clear that people are very keen to adopt the new law, indeed, more would have signed, but it seemed unnecessary to add their names to the list.

I have put off sending the petition in the hope that the Epidemic Disease Act and the order of the Commissioners might have helped. However, I realise there is no power in law to deal with the Irish lodging houses which have become quite a problem in our town as Liverpool is not far away.

The people of the town want sewers and a sufficient water supply. It is impossible to carry out any effective health reforms without them. In the meantime, it is vital that you send us a health officer. As Chairman of the Sanitary Committee (working under the Poor Law Guardians) I will be Healthy to publicise the plans for a health officer and would be glad to help him in his work. Perhaps you will let me know if he will conduct his own inquiries or expects the people of the town to provide him with information.

Yours faithfully,