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This is a poster that was put up in London in 1848, during the second outbreak of cholera.
(Catalogue ref: MH 13/245)

1. We would urge the necessity, in all cases of Cholera, of an instant recourse to medical aid, also under every form and variety of indisposition; for, during the prevalence of this epidemic all disorders are found to merge in the dominant disease.
2. Let immediate relief be sought under disorder of the bowels especially, however slight. The invasion of Cholera may thus be readily and at once prevented.
3. Let every impurity, animal and vegetable, be quickly removed to a distance from the habitations; such as slaughterhouses, pig-sties, cesspools, necessaries, and other domestic nuisances.
4. Let all uncovered drains be carefully and frequently cleansed.
5. Let the grounds in and around the habitations be drained, so as effectually to carry off moisture of every kind.
6. Let all partitions be removed from within and without habitations, which unnecessarily impede ventilation.
7. Let every room be daily thrown open for the admission of fresh air, and this should be done about noon, when the atmosphere is most likely to be dry.
8. Let dry scrubbing be used in domestic cleansing, in place of water.
9. Let excessive fatigue and exposure to damp and cold, especially during the night, be avoided.
10. Let the use of cold drinks, and acid liquors, especially under fatigue, be avoided or when the body is heated.
11. Let the use of cold acid fruits and vegetables be avoided.
12. Let excess in the use of ardent and fermented liquors and tobacco be avoided.
13. Let a poor diet, and the use of impure water in cooking, or for drink, be avoided.
14. Let the wearing of wet and insufficient clothing be avoided.
15. Let a flannel or woollen belt be worn around the belly. This has been found serviceable in checking the tendency to bowel complaint so common during the prevalence of Cholera. The disease has, in this country, been always found to commence with looseness in the bowels, and in this stage is very tractable. It should, however, be noticed that the looseness is frequently unattended by pain or uneasiness, and fatal delay has often occurred from the notion that cholera must be attended with cramps. In the earlier stage here referred to, there is often no griping or cramp, and it is at this period that the disease can be most easily arrested. In all such cases let from twenty to forty drops of Dr. J Lenacs Cholera Tincture be administered in half a glass of brandy, and the symptoms will abate immediately.
16. Let personal cleanliness be carefully observed.
17. Let every cause tending to depress the moral and physical energies be carefully avoided.
18. Let crowding of persons within houses and apartments be avoided.
19. Let sleeping in low damp rooms be avoided.
20. Let fires be kept up during the night in sleeping or adjoining apartments, the night being the period of most danger from attack, especially under exposure to cold or damp.
21. Let all bedding and clothing be daily exposed during winter and spring to the fire, and in summer to the heat of the sun.
22. Let the dead be buried in places remote from the habitation of the living.

Every one should provide themselves with the Asiatic Cholera Tincture, as the most ready and effectual Remedy in Cholera, Diarrhoea, Flatulency, Cholic, and Bowel Complaints.
In bottles at 2s.9d, 4s 6d, 11s, and 21s. Duty included.
The Anti-Cholera Fumigators, for purifying Air of Dwellings, and destroying the Contagious influence of CHOLERA, TYPHUS FEVER, and other INFECTIOUS DISEASES
They are particularly recommended for the Sick Chambers, Hospitals, Churches, Chapels, Literary Institutions, Theatres, Assembly Rooms, Counting Houses, Taverns, the Cabins and Holds of Vessels, &c.
In Boxes, at 6d.-1s and 2s.6d each, or Carriage free, at 1s,-1s.6d. and 3s.
Packages for Extensive Buildings, at 10s.-20s.-40s. and 5.
44, Coleman Street, City, London.
N.B. Money Orders must be made payable to Dr.Jaques Lenac.