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An industrial Nation Timeline
Basic Timeline 

1839 Women gain rights of custody over their children under the age of seven.

1842-47 Mines and factory Acts protect women workers for the first time.

1850 North London Collegiate School set up by Miss Buss and Miss Beale.

1857 Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Act allows women to sue their husbands for divorce for the first time.

1860 Florence Nightingale opens the first training school for nurses.

1867 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson becomes the first women doctor.

1869 Single women, if they are ratepayers, can vote in town council elections.

1870 Married Womens' Property Act allows women to keep their property when they get married.

1873 Women admitted to Girton College at Cambridge University.

1876 Women can legally become doctors. Sandon's Act made education became compulsory for all children to age 10, but fees still had to be paid.

1878 London University allows women to take university degrees.

1878-82 Women can claim maintenance from their husbands if they are deserted or separated.

1880 Mundella's Act made education for all children free until the age of ten.

1889 Women are allowed to vote in County Council elections.

1894 Women are allowed to vote in Parish Council and District Council elections and become councillors.