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Full Transcript- source 6
This part of a letter sent from the Reigate Union to an Assistant Poor Law commissioner. His job was to inspect the Unions in his area and make sure that they were obeying the rules laid down by the 1834 Act. The letter explains why the Union was paying outdoor relief to people living outside the workhouse which was not encouraged. Wages are given in pounds and shillings.
(Catalogue ref: MH 12/15070)

7) Jal Harman (27) wife (29) and three children. Wages 12/s per week. Allowed a pair of shoes.
Both the man and his wife are frequently out of health although not returned as disabled they were known to the Guardians to have been much distressed at the time.

8) John Brown (36) wife (33) and six children under 13. Wages 15/s per week. James 2/s and has also half an acre of land. Allowed 10/s for a nurse for wife.This man had been unwell for some time before and had been out of work and lost time by moving from one residence to another.

9) Amey Harman (19). Allowed 2/s per week for her bastard child
This allowance was merely made a few weeks before the Sessions to enable
the Guardians to apply for an order on the reputed father and which order was made at the last Michelmas Session. The allowance will therefore be received back under the order.

10) Thomas King (49) living at Nuffield. Bill for £3 for medical attendance – this is allowed. If the medical officer of the Union had attended to this case no expense would have been incurred. In this case the man broke his leg and was taken to the Public House at Nuffield. The Bill for £3 was not for medical relief, he having been attended by the medical officer of the Union, but it was the bill of the landlord at the Public House for Board and lodging and which bill was submitted to the Board at their weekly meeting and allowed. He was removed from the Public House to the Union Workhouse the first moment the medical officer could certify that he might be removed.

11) Thomas warren (48) wife (44) and six children all at home (eldest 14). This mans wages 18/s per week - allowed 10/s for one week. This allowance was made in consequence of the illness of the man who had thereby been deprived of part of his usual earnings.

12) Ambrose Knight (44) wife (40) and six children under 12. Wages 12/s per week although only sometimes - unable to work. He is allowed regularly 3s/2d per week. The permanent relief is ordered to be taken off and his case will in future be brought forward when he is unable to work