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Will of Marion Bourman

Will of Marion Bourman

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the yeare of our lord God 1562 the xv daie of march I Marion Bourman widow of the Parish of Hackney in the Countie of Middlesex, sicke in bodie but whole in minde and of good remembraunce god be praised make my testament and laste will in forme and manner as hereaftre followeth

First I bequeath my Sowle to Allmightie god and my bodie to be buried in the churchyarde of Hackney afforesaide

item at the daie and time of my buriall I will that there be given to the poore of the parish xx d

Item I geve and bequeath to my Sister in Law Agnes Catcher my blacke cassocke and a kertle and a freese cassocke

item I give to Isabell my maiden my better freese Peticoate

item I geve to Marian my servaunt my best peticoate and my worst freese peticote

item I give and bequeath to William Catcher the sonne of Austen Catcher one younge Bullocke of a yeare olde

item I give to Alexander French my elder Sonne three kien of the beste vi platters vi dishes vi sawsers ii paire of shetes and one fetherbedde with a bolstare twoo blankettes ii coveringes and a greate brasen Pott a greate Ketle with a bale and the beste of my least Pottes and a three gallon Ketle

Item I give to the said Alexander a great chest with iii lockes

Item [no legatee given in transcript] three of my best candlestickes a new potle Pott

Item I give to Thomas Bourman my younger Sonne three kyen one blacke gelding twoo fetherbeddes and all that belongeth unto them And the residue of all my pewter and brasse not bequeathed before all my table clothes shetes towels and other lynnen not bequeathed before a cupboard one table a fourme a setle and all my other household stuff remayning I will after the decease of the one of my Sonnes the other to be his heire And if it please God to call them both to his mercie in theire nonenage then these things bequeathed to the children to remaine to either of them to whome the children be committed

Item I give to my brother Austen Catcher one blacke coate with sleves

Item I will yt of the loads of wood which Chapman oweth unto me twoo thereof be given to the poore people of the Parish of hackney And the other three loads I give to my Brother Catcher

I gyve and bequeathe to William Marlton of Hackney my neighbor one horse which a Tayloure of London is suretie for

Item I will that my two sonnes Alexander and Thomas joyntlie to be my executors to see my debtes paid And my bodies to be buried discharging the costes of my Funerals. And my Brother Catcher and my neighbour Marlton to be the Oversears of this my testament and last will yeoven (sic) the daie and yeare above written these being Witnesses Robert Stokes clerke - John Pelson and other moo

debttes which I the afforenamed Marion Bourman do owe to diverse persons

Invirimus to Mr Starkey for one horse
Item to Arthur Milner xx [shillings]
Item to Alice Harte xxiii [shillings] iii d
Item to Christopher Pate xi [shillings]

Proved 3 April 1563