Virtual Reality House
 View of kitchen Front view of Rectory
In the Kytchin
Item one paire of Bellowes, one brasse ladle, a chopping knife, a Tynne dripping panneiis
Item one iron dripping pan; 2 spittes, one tosting plate of Iron; 2 paire of tongs}viiis
a fyer shovell, one fyer forke, one paire of Rackes, a frying pan, and a grediron}
Item a pottle pott, a quarte, and a pynte pottiiiis iiiid
Item 4 Brasse Kettlesxvis
Item 2 brasse pottes and 4 Chafersxvis xd
Item one warming panne; 3 Chaffing Dishes a Skellett & a Scommervs
Item one Iron pott and a pottlyddiis
Item 2 lattyn bakyng pannes and their liddesxvid
Item 3 woodden trugges, a Tray, and a Lanthorneiis
Item one washing bowlevid
Item one woodden morter and 16 dishes of wood great and smalle & a straynerxxd
Item one Salt Boxiiid
Item one old trivettxiid
Item 5 payles, one Runlett 2 Cheesuiotesvs
Item an old Juistexiid
Item 2 ioyned stooles a Crickett, a powdring tubb, a shredding knife, 9 trenchers,}
a woodden Ladle a Rowling pinne a stone bottle a wicker bottle, a stone Jug }vs viiid
twoe milke pannes, a pipkyn, a pottinger of earth, a blacke stone Crustre }
Item 2 table napkyns and a towellexiid
Item coale Baskettes, a paire of Bellowes, and an old straynervid
Item one other Milke panid