Virtual Reality House
 View of John Danielle's chamber Front view of Rectory
In a trunke in the Chamber called Mr Daniells chamber
Item one nightcap wrought with black silke and gould and a purse imbrodered with gouldevis viiid
Item one ould riding hoodxiid
Item one shirteiiiis
Item one vellett Cappexiid
Item one peire of Cloath rounded of a Cloakeiis
Item 5 fallinge bandesviiis
Item one girdle a paire of hangers of greene silke and gould and a string of gould to hang his dagger onxxs
Item one Ruffe with purled Lacevs
Item twoe paire of Boothosexiid
Item one Flannell Wascote wrought with red Cruelleiis vid
Item twoe Dublettes of blacke stuffe xxvis 8d
Item one dammaske Cloake with Sleeves garded with vellettls
Item one paire of Fuger sattyn hose payned with Velvettxxvis viiid
Item one peire of blewe clothvis viiid
Item twoe peire of Tawnye vellett; oldiiis iiiid
Item one greene quilted Cappexxd
Item the Trunke wherin these goodes remayneiiiis
(viiili xs iid)
In the same Chamber;
Item one Court (deletion) Cupbord, one table and three Covered stoolesxxis
Item 2 paire of Bootesviiis
Item 4 picturesxs
Item one Iron Chestiii li
(iiiili xixs)