Virtual Reality House
 Front view of Tudor Hackney Rectory Front view of Rectory
In the groundes
Item one black gelding Leanexxxiiis iiiid
Item one white geldingexxxs
Item one Bright bay gelding with a black mayne and Taylexls
Item 5 mylch kyne; pryceviili xs
Item one Roane geldingxxxiiis iiiid
Item a sowe and three piggesxiiis iiiid
Item twoe long Cartes the wheeles shod with Iron one dung Carte}iiii
one wayne the wheels shod with Iron price altogether }li
Item 6 Chaldron or theraboutes of Coales called Seacolesiiii li
Item 5 laddersxs
Item certayne bordes wood and Chippesxvs
(xxiiiili vs)