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Daniells' Tudor House Inventory


See a drawing of an inventory item, a portion of the original inventory document and the original text, by selecting from the drop-down lists below.

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In the Buttrye
Item twoe Beere Fyrkyns and a Juistxviiid
Item one old standerdvs
Item three standesvis 
Item twoe halfe tubbes 
Item 4 beere Fyrkynsiis
Item one mylke tankerd; 2 powdring tubbs, and a kynnalleiis vid
Item a lyttle old spinning wheelevid
Item 2 Iron Andyronsiis vid
Item a large Cover for a drysatexiid
Item a wowle Ironxiid
Item one Juise and a Meate Rackeiis
Item one Butter Pottiid
(xxvs iid) 
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