Online CPD

Making history

Our online professional development course, Making History: Using Archives in the Classroom, available from the Historical Association’s website, shares our expertise in using archival material in the history classroom.

In the first half of the course we lead you through the process of finding material, selecting interesting documents, identifying an enquiry and devising a creative final task. Videos of schools’ sessions at The National Archives, with online documents, offer practical examples for classroom activities, while Teaching History articles and filmed tutorials support you in thinking about some of the underlying issues.

The second half of the course looks at how evidence can be used in other areas of the history curriculum, considering different ways of using sources to support diversity, independent enquiry and ‘big picture’ understandings of history.

The Jack the Ripper document pack (PDF, 1.3 MB) mentioned in the online CPD course was produced to support a workshop we do not currently offer but contains material that may be of interest.