Time Travel TV

From April onwards, The National Archives are inviting children and families across the country to join us for Time Travel TV! Each week, on a Tuesday and Thursday, we will be broadcasting fun-filled sessions and bringing the archives to your armchair!

Time travellers will find out all about The National Archives and the wonderful treasures that we hold; from the extraordinary to the down-right bizarre!

Each session will have exciting follow-up activities for viewers to complete, including a detective based enquiry exploring other documents in our collection, and a creative themed craft.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

For further information, please contact education@nationalarchives.gov.uk

Hello and welcome to Time Travel TV! In our first episode we will discover what The National Archives does and some of the treasures it holds.

Welcome to episode two of Time Travel TV! This time we will be exploring an intriguing document showing a very famous monarch, but who is it and what hidden messages does it contain?

Welcome to episode three of Time Travel TV! This time, we will be exploring an intriguing document showing how people had fun in the past, but what were they doing, and why did it get them in such a spin?

Welcome to episode four of Time Travel TV! This time we will be taking a close look at a document that reveals many details about the survivors of a famous disaster as sea.

Welcome to episode five of Time Travel TV! This time we will be exploring a colourful piece of art, but what was its message and purpose?

Welcome to today’s episode of Time Travel TV! In today’s episode we will explore a new ‘mystery document’, and it features an extra special appearance from artist Jodi Ann Bickley.

Welcome to episode 8 of Time Travel TV! Today we will be exploring a fascinating document that can reveal lots about families in the past! But whose famous household is this and what can we find out about the people who lived there?

You’ve all heard about the Rat, but what other Animals are there in the Archives? In this episode we will be finding out how a range of animals have helped people with a variety of jobs in the past, some of which still exist today.

This is one of the most unusual documents at The National Archives.