Study Days

Our Study Days pair our education workshops with other activities such as crafts, talks by leading Historians or experiences with reenactors. Each day is focused around a theme and allows students to experience life as a historian, examining original documents and learning about History through a variety of means.

'Annie Kenney' talks to students on Suffrage Day 2018

We’re all familiar with historians’ arguments about the Treaty of Versailles paving the way for the Second World War, but what do we really know about process that took place in 1919? The logistics involved;  the stress and anxieties of those at the negotiating table; Germany’s involvement and the role of ‘new’ diplomacy?

Following the success of our 'Tracking the Tudors' study days in 2017-2019, our fourth annual Tudor days are now open for booking.

In May 2018, students were invited to take part in our Suffrage Day, experiencing a taught workshop on Suffrage using original documents from the Archives' repositories followed by a short talk from leading historian Diane Atkinson.