2018: Writing War, Writing Peace

Our creative writing project ‘Writing War, Writing Peace’ ran from Monday 23 July to Friday 27 July 2018.

Melvin Burgess author of The Lost WitchWorking with award winning writer, Melvin Burgess (author of ‘Junk’, ‘The Ghost behind the Wall’, ‘The Hit’, and ‘The Lost Witch’ to be published in August 2018), participating students had the opportunity to explore original documents from our collection, discovering the experiences of nurses during the First World War. These brave and extraordinary women travelled the world, bringing care and comfort to those in need at the centre of military action. They implemented their medical expertise and developed new approaches to hospital care. Now you can tell their stories.

Using their experiences as inspiration, and with Melvin’s guidance, students delivered their interpretations of the records through creative writing.

You can find the finished eBook of this project here: Writing War, Writing Peace

Explore the finished eBook