Armistice and Legacy

You can now find the finished eBook of this project here: Armistice and Legacy

2018 sees the culmination of four years of commemorating numerous centenaries of the First World War. From the outbreak of war to Armistice, the collections at The National Archives hold unique insights and untold stories of events spanning the years 1914 to 1918.

From Monday 13 to Friday 18 August 2018, The National Archives is holding a free five-day event for A level and pre-university students. Examining the events of the First World War and the impact it had on soldiers and civilians, students will be working with artist Carol Adlam, Senior Lecturer in Illustration at Nottingham Trent University and shortlisted illustrator for the World Illustrator Awards 2018, on an arts project which involves interpreting original sources from our collections using graphic art techniques.

The week will provide students with the unique opportunity to:

  • find out more about The National Archives and the different records we hold
  • explore and interpret original documents related to the events of the First World War
  • take part in workshops over the five days covering script editing, storyboarding, observational art techniques, pencilling, inking and colouring, as well as final art production

Places are limited to 15 and we encourage A-Level and pre-University students to apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Applicants will need to be available for the whole week.

Applications are now closed.

For information on the artist please visit:

‘Chronicles of the Dissolution’ students from our 2017 graphic art project said:

The project has in itself been fascinating, accommodating for both artistic and historical interest. It  has been a great opportunity for me to mimic the creative process of a professional illustrator and overcome the initial challenges of representing such detailed events on only eight double page spreads. It has allowed me to explore a host of ways to create a narrative within the graphic novel medium and has given me the opportunity to develop my own illustrative skills.


Working with Carol really encouraged me to think about using visual images to try and convey a narrative in a manner which was both visually appealing and flowed with clarity. Her open approach allowed all of us to be as creative as we liked, resulting in all of us producing extremely unique artwork in a range of styles. I surprised myself by using a range of media, such as pen, gouache and watercolour.


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