‘breaking up my home’

A man in ‘a starving state’ asks for outdoor relief as he cannot bear to be separated from his children, 11 April 1870, Catalogue ref: MH12/5061.

Poor Law Union: Faversham

Union counties: Kent


Faversham, Friday  9 April 1870

Sirs, I wish to know if you could do anything for me respecting of me getting relief from the parish as I am 66 year of age and not able to work. [I] have got a family of 5 children under age depending on me for support, 4 under 9 years and one not 14. I have tried often for relief and all they offer is the Union and I have [brought] up a family of 20 Children and now come to poverty and in a starving state and have got 2 children bad at this present time. They will not allow me a doctor for them and I have not got anything to give them at all.  I have been to work in the union gravel pit all the winter. [For] 20 weeks and all I received 2 loaves and 7 pence per day … and now they offer the Union. I am a man that has seen better times and cannot bear the pain of being separated from my children. A little relief would be the means of stopping breaking up my home and being in the Union [for] the [remainder] of my days. An answer would oblige.  Yours respectfully, John Greenwood

No 63 Tanner Street Faversham Kent

N.B. I had a child [sick for] 9 months and they would not allow a doctor for that [who has now] been dead for these last 6 months.

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