HS 9/836/5 Major Gubbins’ report


Rank and Army or Personal No. W.A.A.F.
(9901) A/S/O
Action for which commended
(Date and place of ? must be added)
Honour Or Reward: M.B.E.
This officer was landed in FRANCE by Lysander on 16th June 1943 as W/T operator to a circuit in the PARIS area. Shortly after her arrival the Gestapo became very active in that region. The circuit was penetrated and finally collapsed on the arrest of the organiser and his chief lieutenants.
INAYAT-KHAN herself had several narrow escapes and one once occasion she returned to her house to find the Gestapo awaiting her. Through her sang froid and presence of mind she succeeded in evading them.
She was instrumental in facilitating the escape of 30 Allied airmen shot down in FRANCE.
INAYAT-KHAN later took part in a shooting affray with some Germans at GRIGNON.
She was then instructed to return to ENGLAND. She however pleaded to be allowed to remain and lie low for a month. In spite of these incidents and the fact that she was forced to move about continually with her W/T equipment, she maintained communication with LONDON until October 1943 when she was arrested. She was later reported to have been deported to GERMANY and she is still missing.
In recognition of this officer’s outstanding bravery and devotion to duty particularly in carrying on after the arrest of most of her colleagues, it is recommended that she be appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division).
Major General

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What has happened to Noor Khan? What is Major Gubbins recommending should be done? Why?